Ende Subjected to Massive Hit in Toronto

Toronto, Ontario. Duncan Ende’s Toronto Grand Prix weekend was cut short when a fellow competitor slammed into his stalled car during Friday’s first qualifying session. Duncan’s car had grazed the turn 11 wall and stalled. Several comptetitors drove past without incident, when suddenly the fifth car past failed to spot him in time and a massive collision ensued. Neither driver was seriously injured, but the car was too damaged to be repaired, and the decision was made to regrettably withdraw the entry.

“I’d like to thank the Bite Racing crew for their efforts here in Toronto. It’s a shame that circumstances beyond all of our control took us out of this race” said Ende. “This is a particularly challenging track, but we were right on pace for our best showing yet. That is a testament to the quality of set up the team was giving me, and our ability to gather speed in the few races we’ve been together. I’m pretty sure we would have had an excellent result.”

Duncan now turns his racecar driving skills to the IMSA Lites Series. He will be on track August 17-20 at Road America in Wisconsin, with two races on the 19 and 20. His last outing saw him finish a spectacular first in class in both events and winning overall in the second race in Atlanta, Georgia for the West Racing Team. A one day test is scheduled at the team’s home track of Portland, Oregon on July 17.

Details can be found at http://www.westracecars.com and http://www.imsaracing.net

Please let Duncan or anyone from his team know if you intend to be at this event.

Duncan Ende Racing is sponsored by 7K and Gleukos Performance Beverages.

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